Stephen Durso

stephen_dursoStephen Durso is a writer for the Publizette online magazine. Stephen attends Stratford Academy and is an enthusiastic young writer, scholar, and adventurer. He enjoys traveling the world and discovering new knowledge wherever possible.

As a high school student, Stephen participates in a variety of extracurricular activities outside of his rigorous curriculum. He is a member of the varsity football team, lacrosse team, and track team, and is also a member of various clubs, including being the Aedile of Classics Club and the founder of a new club at Stratford known as the Religious Studies Club.

Outside of the academic school year, Stephen commits himself to travel and research with various organizations, most notably the National Geographic Society. After studying glaciology for two weeks in Iceland with renowned glaciologist M. Jackson, author of While Glaciers Slept, Stephen has concerned himself with many of the environmental issues facing our planet today.

Aside from his studies abroad, Stephen also enjoys “just getting out,” and has hiked part of the Appalachian Trail, with plans to return during the summer of his graduating year. His other hobbies include film and photography, journalism, computer construction, and reading.

After completing his high school education, Stephen plans to attend a research college and later graduate school with a focus on business, international economics, and trade.