Our Staff

Tejas Athni, Editor-in-Chief

Tejas Athni is the Editor-in-Chief of the Publizette online magazine.

He is a dedicated and highly-motivated high school student who attends Stratford Academy in Macon, GA. His interests are quite diverse, ranging from scientific research to journalism to community service. He enjoys sharing his ideas and mentoring other students through public outreach programs.

Currently, he is a student researcher at Karmanos Cancer Institute (Detroit, MI) and Fort Valley State University (Fort Valley, GA). Tejas has won numerous international awards, including winning the 2017 American Academy of Neurology (AAN)’s Neuroscience Research Competition and being named a finalist for the 2017 Intel International Science & Engineering Fair (ISEF),  2017 iSWEEEP International Science Fair,  2017 International BioGENEius Challenge, and the 2017 National Junior Science & Humanities Symposium (JSHS).

He has presented and discussed his research at various locations around the world, including universities, non-profit foundations, pharmaceutical companies, international medical and scientific conferences, and other speaking venues. Additionally, Tejas spoke at TEDxPeachtree in October 2017.

He is actively working on writing research papers that will be submitted for publication in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Tejas has founded a non-profit organization called CPR Education NovoToro dedicated to teaching basic life-saving skills. He is also the Editor-in-Chief of an international online magazine (Publizette), and is a contributing author for The Huffington Post.

He has also immersed himself into community service throughout his high school career, amassing over 850 hours of service. Tejas has volunteered at organizations such as Hephzibah Childrens Home, Morningside Assisted Living Residence, Coliseum Northside Hospital, and the Red Cross.

Tejas’ long-term goals include pursuing a career in the medical field, either as a physician or a medical researcher (MD and PhD).

Nisha Shetty

Nisha Shetty is a dedicated, passionate, and highly organized student at the University of Georgia.  She completed her high school education at Stratford Academy in Macon, GA. She enjoys mathematics and hopes to major in Biology. In her spare time, she likes to volunteer with children, whether it be tutoring at local elementary schools or fundraising to buy new books.

Not only does Nisha demonstrate a desire to help others, but she also acts upon her desire. Her involvement in campus organizations such as UGA Red Cross, National Residence Hall Honorary, Donate Life, and UGA First Book advocates and exemplifies her dedication to community service.

Furthermore, her position as Fundraising Deputy for First Book UGA serves to display her excellent leadership skills among her peers. She has mastered the delicate balance of time management. On the side, she likes to tutor third- to fifth-grade students at Oglethorpe Avenue Elementary School in Athens, Georgia. She builds their motivation and confidence as well as their academic achievement. Nisha has also volunteered at local organizations including Morningside Assisted Living Residence, Carlyle Place Retirement Community, Feed Center Free Medical Center, and the Houston Healthcare Medical Center.

Nisha hopes to obtain an undergraduate degree in Biology. Upon completing her degree, she hopes to pursue a career in the medical field, as a physician (MD). Specifically, Nisha is interested in either pediatrics or endocrinology.  Nisha’s numerous experiences have shaped her to be a better young woman and have prepared her for her future as a physician. While sharing the common traits of intelligence and scholarship, Nisha has displayed a focus and dedication to the medical field, and cares deeply about helping others. She has a profound hunger for learning, and hopes to make a fine physician one day.

Adit Vaidya

adit_vaidyaAdit Vaidya is a current student at the University of Georgia who strives for excellence in every way possible. He received his high school diploma from Houston County High School in Warner Robins, GA. He is enthusiastic about science, community service, and sports, while his hobbies include numismatics and philately.

He is currently a staff writer for his university’s newspaper called The Statement, where he is the lead sports columnist. Adit is also part of the campus’ student conduct board displaying his leadership skills as well as his commitment towards improvement of his community.

Adit has recently conducted research work while shadowing at the National Institute of Neurological and Allied Sciences (NINAS) located in Bansbari, Nepal. He also has experience in different fields including working as a student researcher at the food technology lab in the Department of Plant Biotechnology at Fort Valley State University (FVSU) as well as representing the state of Georgia as a delegate of Washington Youth Leadership Tour in 2014.

He also demonstrates his desire in helping others throughout his life as he is constantly involved in volunteer activities in his community. He currently volunteers at Friends of Perry Animal Shelter (FOPAS) every Friday and assists nurses at the emergency department triage lobby at the Houston Healthcare during his spare time. Adit has also amassed numerous hours of community service during his four years in high school.

Adit currently plans to receive an undergraduate degree in Bioengineering. After completing his undergraduate studies and getting his bachelor’s degree, Adit plans to pursue a career in the medical field in the military in order to serve the people of his community.

Malik Scott

Born and raised in St. Ann, Jamaica, until he was 10 years old, Malik Scott is currently a high school student at Mount de Sales Academy in Macon, GA. He is a Boy Scout, a member of the Mount de Sales Senior Beta Club, a member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and the Mercy-in-Action club; he is also a participant on the Mount de Sales Mock Trial team. He was inducted into the French Honor Society in 2016.

Malik spends his free time traveling, playing soccer, writing for Publizette, and volunteering at multiple organizations, including Loaves and Fishes Ministries, the Middle Georgia Community Food Bank, with the Boy Scouts and in the childcare ministry at his local church, Stone Edge Church. He also participates in campaigns for Do Something. Malik is an avid fan of sports such as football and basketball, whether high school, college, or professional.

Upon graduation from Mount de Sales Academy, Malik strives to attend college for an undergraduate degree in pre-med and to pursue a career as a physician.

Stephen Durso

stephen_dursoStephen Durso is a writer for the Publizette online magazine. Stephen attends Stratford Academy and is an enthusiastic young writer, scholar, and adventurer. He enjoys traveling the world and discovering new knowledge wherever possible.

As a high school student, Stephen participates in a variety of extracurricular activities outside of his rigorous curriculum. He is a member of the varsity football team, lacrosse team, and track team, and is also a member of various clubs, including being the Aedile of Classics Club and the founder of a new club at Stratford known as the Religious Studies Club.

Outside of the academic school year, Stephen commits himself to travel and research with various organizations, most notably the National Geographic Society. After studying glaciology for two weeks in Iceland with renowned glaciologist M. Jackson, author of While Glaciers Slept, Stephen has concerned himself with many of the environmental issues facing our planet today.

Aside from his studies abroad, Stephen also enjoys “just getting out,” and has hiked part of the Appalachian Trail, with plans to return during the summer of his graduating year. His other hobbies include film and photography, journalism, computer construction, and reading.

After completing his high school education, Stephen plans to attend a research college and later graduate school with a focus on business, international economics, and trade.

Christina Mueller

Christina Mueller is currently a Georgia peach, but will always be a native of New Orleans, Louisiana.  She attended Louisiana State University, where she received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology.  Christina was then accepted into Mercer University in Atlanta, where she completed her Master’s of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.  Shortly after, she obtained her License Associate in Professional Counseling and is well on her way to become a fully licensed therapist.

She currently serves as a Counselor in Student Support Services of Mercer’s Trio Programs.  As an SSS counselor, she provides pertinent tools for college students to gain self-efficacy & self-awareness to ultimately graduate from undergrad.  Christina’s passion lies within the encouragement of self-care with each student in order to create a healthy balance during & well after his or her college career.

Prior to her current position, Christina has worked within a variety of backgrounds within the counseling/psychology field.  As an undergrad, she volunteered as a phone counselor at the Baton Rouge Crisis Intervention Center & worked as a teacher’s aid at a preschool for speech and therapy.  Once practicum began in her Master’s program, Christina worked as an in home student therapist & as an intern at a behavioral health hospital.  She graduated with her masters in fall of 2014 and was offered a paid position at her internship site as a therapist.

Within this setting, she worked with juvenile & adult patients that presented with an array of mental health disorders.  Christina’s favorite part of the position was promoting patients to find clarity within their one-on-one sessions and co-leading psycho-educational groups to promote healthy coping.  Simultaneously, she gained experience as a clinical therapist in a methadone clinic, working with adults who battled with drug abuse.

Through out her career, Christina has realized that her passion lies within finding balance & promoting self-care with clients/patients/students & people in her life.  This passion was reinforced when she was diagnosed at age 23 with Myasthenia Gravis, a neuromuscular & autoimmune disease.  With the trials of this disease, Christina decided that her mission is to find effective ways to practice her own self-care in hopes to share with others on a micro & macro scale.  She has also chosen to share her story to reach to anyone who has current hardships and in return, encourage them to see the resilient warriors within themselves.

Alex Dragas

Alex Dragas is a young and aspiring writer from Croatia. At a young age, Alex fell in love with writing and tried to write as much as he could in his early years– this was a passion that he was fairly good at and one that he enjoyed thoroughly.

As he grew older, his passion for writing persisted and he strived to find more and more ways to improve his writing.

He worked to become the best he could be, writing articles every day and reading a variety of books. He read countless amounts of professional author’s works in order to gain knowledge and experience to hopefully one day become as good as them.

Alex specializes in writing travel articles, combining his love of traveling with his passion for writing. Together, this syncretism of his two interests became a huge inspiration for his writing, and he decided he would document every travel journey that he made. He hopes to give readers an insight into the places he visits, allowing them to experience the journey as if they were right there with him.

The topics of Alex’s stories, of course, are not all travel related because he finds that in order to improve one’s writing, one has to try new topics and new skill-sets. For example, Alex believes that researching and writing about different, unrelated topics is a key aspect in becoming a better writer altogether.

Alex’s goals in life are to be able to support himself and eventually his family while also doing what makes him happy: writing. He believes that it is important to follow your dreams, ambitions, and wishes, as it will make you a happier person and a better human being.

Jim Raychrudhury

Jim Raychrudhury is a freelance writer and passionate blogger from Melbourne, Australia, who likes writing articles that cover career, education and learning related topics.

With over ten years of experience in the recruiting sector, he is considered as an expert in this field and is trying to pass that knowledge to others through his writing.

After realizing the situation on the global workforce market, Jim started writing for several blogs in order to give actual and applicable advices to future generations of students and young job seekers that will help them overcome the obstacles in their employment quest.

In his free time, Jim is an outdoors guy and tries to spend as much time as possible hanging out in nature. Hiking and riding bikes with his family is a perfect day out.