Christina Mueller

Christina Mueller is currently a Georgia peach, but will always be a native of New Orleans, Louisiana.  She attended Louisiana State University, where she received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology.  Christina was then accepted into Mercer University in Atlanta, where she completed her Master’s of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.  Shortly after, she obtained her License Associate in Professional Counseling and is well on her way to become a fully licensed therapist.

She currently serves as a Counselor in Student Support Services of Mercer’s Trio Programs.  As an SSS counselor, she provides pertinent tools for college students to gain self-efficacy & self-awareness to ultimately graduate from undergrad.  Christina’s passion lies within the encouragement of self-care with each student in order to create a healthy balance during & well after his or her college career.

Prior to her current position, Christina has worked within a variety of backgrounds within the counseling/psychology field.  As an undergrad, she volunteered as a phone counselor at the Baton Rouge Crisis Intervention Center & worked as a teacher’s aid at a preschool for speech and therapy.  Once practicum began in her Master’s program, Christina worked as an in home student therapist & as an intern at a behavioral health hospital.  She graduated with her masters in fall of 2014 and was offered a paid position at her internship site as a therapist.

Within this setting, she worked with juvenile & adult patients that presented with an array of mental health disorders.  Christina’s favorite part of the position was promoting patients to find clarity within their one-on-one sessions and co-leading psycho-educational groups to promote healthy coping.  Simultaneously, she gained experience as a clinical therapist in a methadone clinic, working with adults who battled with drug abuse.

Through out her career, Christina has realized that her passion lies within finding balance & promoting self-care with clients/patients/students & people in her life.  This passion was reinforced when she was diagnosed at age 23 with Myasthenia Gravis, a neuromuscular & autoimmune disease.  With the trials of this disease, Christina decided that her mission is to find effective ways to practice her own self-care in hopes to share with others on a micro & macro scale.  She has also chosen to share her story to reach to anyone who has current hardships and in return, encourage them to see the resilient warriors within themselves.