Alex Dragas

Alex Dragas is a young and aspiring writer from Croatia. At a young age, Alex fell in love with writing and tried to write as much as he could in his early years– this was a passion that he was fairly good at and one that he enjoyed thoroughly.

As he grew older, his passion for writing persisted and he strived to find more and more ways to improve his writing.

He worked to become the best he could be, writing articles every day and reading a variety of books. He read countless amounts of professional author’s works in order to gain knowledge and experience to hopefully one day become as good as them.

Alex specializes in writing travel articles, combining his love of traveling with his passion for writing. Together, this syncretism of his two interests became a huge inspiration for his writing, and he decided he would document every travel journey that he made. He hopes to give readers an insight into the places he visits, allowing them to experience the journey as if they were right there with him.

The topics of Alex’s stories, of course, are not all travel related because he finds that in order to improve one’s writing, one has to try new topics and new skill-sets. For example, Alex believes that researching and writing about different, unrelated topics is a key aspect in becoming a better writer altogether.

Alex’s goals in life are to be able to support himself and eventually his family while also doing what makes him happy: writing. He believes that it is important to follow your dreams, ambitions, and wishes, as it will make you a happier person and a better human being.